The Benefits of the Single Dose Sachet

How important are your product packaging choices? Given that 81% of consumers state that they have purchased at least one product due to eye-catching packaging, it’s safe to say that it is one of the most significant decisions in the entire marketing strategy. After all, the product packaging is the first thing that a prospective consumer will interact with. Single dose sachets have become increasingly commonplace, particularly with quality options like SnappD’s single dose sachet UK solutions.

Single dose sachet UK packaging options aren’t just limited to sugar sachets. Modern solutions can be used for a range of products including, but not limited to;

The single dose sachet has come a long way since the disposable packets used in American diners back in the 1940s. Here are just some of the benefits that can be gained from choosing a single dose sachet UK product packaging solution.

#1. They’re eco-friendly

Many businesses assume that using single dose sachets will cause damage to the environment, and subsequently refrain from using them as a result of social responsibility and wanting to keep consumers (81% of whom prefer using eco-friendly brands) happy. In reality, the single use packaging options can be the best choice for the environment as well as your brand reputation.

For starters, SnappD’s single dose sachet UK items are manufactured exclusively from 100% recyclable materials. Moreover, the small doses help businesses and consumers avoid product waste. If you are actively looking to promote your brand’s commitment to protecting the planet, this is a great way to make a public display.

#2. Single dose sachets are highly practical 

As already mentioned, single dose sachets can be used to contain a wide range of different products. Better still, they can be used in an extensive range of settings thanks to their “on-the-go” capabilities. Whether it’s an energy gel for consumption during a marathon, cosmetics to take on a trip, or sanitisers for a day out doesn’t matter. The convenience delivered by the simple yet sophisticated packaging is incredible. 

Furthermore, this type of packaging can be used to measure out medications and supplements. Whether there is a medical requirement not to surpass a certain dosage or the individual simply wants to track their consumption, this can be a valuable feature. For the sake of accuracy and convenience, the practicality levels are second to none.

#3. They actively promote more sales

Every branding and marketing decision should ultimately focus on the goal of boosting your bottom line. When selling products in large volumes, potential customers will take longer to think about their decision as it has a bigger impact on their finances. Likewise, the more expensive products may price some people out of a purchase. However, 65% of consumers make impulse buys online (and even more offline). Single dose sachets can aid the cause.

For starters, they can be presented as a more attractive feature on shop aisles, at pop-up stores, or even. Moreover, they offer an affordable entry-level option that can open your brand up to new audiences. The volume of unit sales can increase rapidly while the profit per item can be higher too.

#4. Fun packaging solutions have the ‘sharability’ factor

When analysing the pros and cons of any product packaging solution, the benefits should not be limited to the direct interactions with the customer. You should also consider the way that they can influence their friends, family, and social media followers. At least 40% of consumers will share photos of unique and attractive product packages. The compact nature of single dose items makes them great for social media snaps.

Eye-catching brandied designs are sure to make great content while the unique opening technique of Snappd single dose sachet UK items adds an extra ‘wow’ factor that encourages social media sharing. Given the power of recommendation and social proof, this could make your single dose packages one of the best branding tools at your disposal.

#5. They make great samples

Single dose sachets give customers the perfect opportunity to try new products or stock up on a convenient ‘on the go’ solution for a specific event. From a business perspective, they can also serve as the perfect promotional freebies or samples. Giving out a free single-use sachet of your product will cost a few pence per person while the conversion rates are far higher than ad campaigns. It is also a great chance to capture customer data.

Samples can be handed out at promotional days, delivered through the post, made available to order online, or even attached to magazine adverts. In turn, you’ll gain a versatile marketing strategy that can be tailored to suit your audience for maximum ROIs. best of all, the single dosage single dose sachet UK solutions will keep the product itself in great health.

To learn more about the benefits of single dose sachets or discover the benefits of SanppD’s unique solutions, get in touch today.