Your new packaging addition for Health & Medicines Patented single-portion packaging for the health sector

The correct dose every time.

Snappd is the single-dose pouch that’s perfect for liquid medicine and healthcare products. Small, lightweight and offering a whole new level of convenience to the user, it’s an innovative way to make your product range more accessible than ever before.

No mess. No stress.

A single-dose Snappd sachet can contain between 0.5ml and 25ml of your product, such as painkiller, antiseptic cream, vitamin supplements and anything else that comes in liquid or semi-liquid form.

The user snaps the pouch in half in a single movement and applies the product in seconds. It’s safe, simple, hygienic and effective in equal measure!


Snappd has been designed for universal ease of use. Not only is the end product simple yet effective, we’ve also designed the customisation process to be a quick and stress-free experience.

To get started, all you need to do is select the main aspects of your product using the straightforward 3D Visualiser. You can then see exactly how your Snappd single-dose dispenser will look and tweak your branding as you see fit to maximise the visual impact.

Once you’re happy with the result, get in touch with our helpful team of packaging specialist.
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