Snappd the single-dose, brandable, recyclable sachet.

With our dedicated UK filling facility, combined with the innovative 100% recyclable sachet, Snappd will create a unique packaging line for your brand.

Create Your Snappd Sachet

One sachet, endless applications.

Innovative dispensing

Cruelty - free
Vegan - friendly

One hand. One movement. One dose.

Snappd is the single-dose dispenser that can be used for any kind of liquid or semi-liquid product you can imagine. From cosmetics, sports energy shots, to healthcare supplements, it’s as versatile as it is convenient.
Simply snap the pouch in half using one hand and you have instant access to the liquid product. Small, lightweight, convenient, fully printable and 100% recyclable, you’ll wonder how your product range ever managed without Snappd.

The only 100% Recyclable Sachet of its Kind.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We understand that you don’t just want convenient and fully branded single-dose sachet, you’re also committed to minimising your company’s carbon footprint. That’s why Snappd packaging is available in 100% recyclable material, enhancing the product to ensure a planet-friendly way to distribute single-dose products.

Printable in any colour


A dedicated UK filling environment adhering to ISO 22716 standards.

Filled and manufactured in the UK.

Fill with liquid, gel, cream or lotion.

Perfect addition to your packaging

Endless Size and Shape Options

Suited to a range of sectors.


Snappd has been designed for universal ease of use. Not only is the end product simple yet effective, we’ve also designed the customisation process to be a quick and stress-free experience.

To get started, all you need to do is select the main aspects of your product using the straightforward 3D Visualiser. You can then see exactly how your Snappd single-dose dispenser will look and tweak your branding as you see fit to maximise the visual impact.

Once you’re happy with the result, get in touch with our helpful team of packaging specialist.
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