About Us

Snappd is a provided by The Origin Group, bringing together manufacturing and filling within the UK.

With a history that spans six decades, Origin designs and manufactures innovative primary packaging products from our dedicated Pharmaceutical Packaging, Logistics and Innovation Centre in East Yorkshire. Working with clients around the globe, we’ve established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical, healthcare and lifestyle product packaging, resulting in us partnering with multiple license holders and CMOs.

Passionate about compliance

It should go without saying that Origin is dedicated to compliance, yet inconsistencies in the current marketplace necessitate reassurance. Corporate governance, accuracy and accountability are at the core of our operational strategy, as all of our facilities, staff and processes fully comply with the standards laid out by ATEX, GMP, FDA and other key regulatory bodies.

The design and build of our own aseptic filling, specialist filling and cleanroom facility reflects how seriously we take hygiene and compliance. We believe that any company regardless of size should be able to order design, innovation, development, filling and packaging under one roof. The result is a very straightforward process with a clear outcome, as we always deliver the desired quantity and to a consistently high calibre and quality standard. No delays, no unexpected costs, no worries.

Versatile packaging solutions

Building on our heritage of manufacturing exceptional glass packaging, plastic containers, measuring devices and child-resistant solutions, we decided that one-dose sachets were a logical extension of our product range. Created in response to the increased demand for hand sanitiser during the coronavirus pandemic, Snappd was subsequently redesigned by our engineers to suit a wide range of applications and sectors.

Our single-use sachets are perfect for any kind of liquid in the healthcare market, including such as liquid painkillers, topical creams and lotions or animal flea treatment. This makes Snappd your go-to solution for your existing liquid products, as well as an opportunity to diversify your offering in a powerful way. We’re here to help you maximise the reach and usage of your liquid product.

We care about quality

Whilst compliance is absolutely key, we also pride ourselves on offering every client the focus, insight and attention to detail that they deserve. Each member of our team cares about continuously improving the standard of packaging used across all industries, which becomes clear from the moment you get in touch.

We apply our knowledge, expertise, creativity and innovative nature to create a packaging solution that perfectly suits your requirements, often surpassing expectations. We don’t simply manufacture the product, we also work with you to maximise commerciality, fortify your supply chain, plan your marketing strategy and get your product out there as smoothly and effectively as possible.

We’re always ready to answer questions, listen to ideas and offer expert advice, ensuring an unparalleled experience and optimised project delivery.


Snappd has been designed for universal ease of use. Not only is the end product simple yet effective, we’ve also designed the customisation process to be a quick and stress-free experience.

To get started, all you need to do is select the main aspects of your product using the straightforward 3D Visualiser. You can then see exactly how your Snappd single-dose dispenser will look and tweak your branding as you see fit to maximise the visual impact.

Once you’re happy with the result, get in touch with our helpful team of packaging specialist.
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