Sachet Contract Filling & Facilities

Here at Snappd, we have everything we need in-house to design, manufacture, fill and package your single-dose sachets.

Rather than you having to find a designer, product developer, filling facility and packaging site separately, we supply everything under one roof. Aside from making the process a whole lot smoother, this also significantly reduces the lead time and project cost whilst removing the risk of supply chain delays and unanticipated constraints.

Single-dose filling

Our cosmetic filling facility and cleanroom environments are perfectly suited to the task at hand. We don’t simply design and manufacture the single-dose pouches, we also fill them using our electrically-driven filling technology. This system has been expertly developed to fill each Snappd unit with up to 25ml of your liquid product without any spillage, shortfalls or cross-contamination.

100% consistency

Many single-use liquids fit the 25ml volume perfectly, such as haircare products, moisturiser, liquid painkillers and washing detergent. However, if you’d rather your Snappd sachets contain a smaller amount, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll ensure that every unit is filled to that exact measurement. We guarantee 100% consistency, regardless of whether it’s a small batch or millions of units being rolled out.

A dedicated environment

Our automated liquid filling facility is designed for the global cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, which means that compliance is an absolute necessity. All of our production and packaging environments adhere to ISO 22716 standards, eliminating the risk of any form of cross-contamination affecting your product.

Whatever you use Snappd for, you can rest assured that every unit has been manufactured and filled in a facility that takes quality and hygiene extremely seriously.

We can handle any quantity

Launching a new product and want to use Snappd for free samples? That’s no problem, as we can manufacture small batches according to your marketing strategy and budget. Or perhaps you’re ready to distribute vast quantities across the UK and beyond? If that’s the case, you have our word that we can handle any size of order and deliver on time without compromising on quality.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We understand that you don’t just want convenient and fully branded single-dose dispensers, you’re also committed to minimising your company’s carbon footprint. That’s why Snappd packaging is available in 100% recyclable material. This means that whichever option you choose, it’s a sustainable and planet-friendly way to distribute single-dose products.

We can handle huge roll-outs

If you like to think big, we’re the right fit for your business. Whilst we can happily supply small batches, we have the capacity, technology, expertise and can-do attitude required for large-scale commercial roll-outs. No matter how many units of Snappd you require, it will never pose a problem and we always deliver on time.

Dedicated to ISO 22716

When you choose Snappd, you’re investing in ISO 22716 environments that guarantee compliance from conceptualisation to completion. Whether you use our product for cosmetics, painkillers, supplements, foodstuffs, cleaning agents, hand sanitiser or any other type of liquid, you know that it’s been manufactured in accordance with global standards.

Removing the headache for our clients

Our designers, engineers and packaging specialists manage the entire process for you, taking away the stress that comes with cosmetic filling and packaging. We innovate, advise and deliver to the highest standard, ensuring that your single-dose pouches pass our rigorous quality control criteria and are ready for commercial and public distribution.

Innovation as standard

Snappd began as a hand sanitiser solution that was made possible by Origin’s aseptic filling cleanrooms. Word spread quickly and we were soon receiving enquiries from organisations within the cosmetic, healthcare and sports energy industries. This motivated us to create an entirely separate facility, one that focuses on cosmetic filling.The Snappd facility is designed with the following factors:

  • An ISO 22716 compliant and ATEX rated environment
  • A dedicated room and team to create and deliver your product
  • Designated pack-off and assembly area and washroom
  • Stringent quality control procedures that ensure a product you can depend on

Precision as standard

Over the years we’ve invested heavily in the latest technological innovation. All of our manufacturing processes are electrically driven, which guarantees total consistency from start to finish. Manufacturing in accordance with ATEX, GMP and FDA guidelines, we’re here to fulfill your requirements and provide a truly exceptional product.


Snappd has been designed for universal ease of use. Not only is the end product simple yet effective, we’ve also designed the customisation process to be a quick and stress-free experience.

To get started, all you need to do is select the main aspects of your product using the straightforward 3D Visualiser. You can then see exactly how your Snappd single-dose dispenser will look and tweak your branding as you see fit to maximise the visual impact.

Once you’re happy with the result, get in touch with our helpful team of packaging specialist.
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