How To Package Cosmetics

The Ultimate Guide on How to Package Cosmetics

There are two major issues that a lot of cosmetic manufacturers face when trying to package cosmetics. First of all, you may find that the material the product is packed in poses an issue. Secondly, the materials used can present a different issue entirely. Some products may be much more prone to chips and breakages if they are not handled properly.

Product Variation

The main challenge that comes with packaging cosmetics is the amount of variation that you will come across between products. The cosmetic industry is continually advancing, and this means that there are always new products hitting the market. Each of them will come with new packaging needs or requirements. Brands also have the challenge of having to produce packaging that is on-trend while ensuring efficiency. When you add cost-efficiency to the mix, you will soon find that this creates even more challenges. When you try to match a product to the best possible packaging, you will soon see that some products are just more suited to a specific packaging variety. If you look at oils and other low viscosity formulations, you will soon see that they require a packaging style that is very different to creams or balms.

Delicate Items

If you have pressed powders, then you may experience an issue with fragility. It is important that you make sure that your packaging solution offers a very high level of durability so that fragile contents can be best protected. After a customer has parted with their hard-earned cash, they will of course, expect their product to arrive in one piece. Fragile packaging can also create a lot of issues when it comes to contamination and if this happens, then the product will be deemed unfit for use.

Shelf Life

If you want to choose effective packaging for your cosmetics, then you will also need to take into account the shelf life. If you opt for highly protective packaging that is airtight, then this will make your products last for much longer and it will also stop them from having a short expiry date. Packaging that simply doesn’t prolong or protect the life of a product may well go off, and quickly become unusable. When you ship a product to your customers, they will of course, expect to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Tips that will Help you to Package your Products Better

There are many different challenges that people face whenever they package products and cosmetics. There are also a lot of different measures that you have to take to protect the products throughout the shipping process. Some of them can be found below.


One of the major ways that a lot of cosmetic providers protect their products during the shipping process is by wrapping the product. If you wrap the product before it is shipped, then this will give you an extra level of protection and it will also greatly reduce the chances of things such as contamination. It is important to know that you are not at all limited when it comes to the products you can use for wrapping. One main candidate would be bubble wrap. This can be used to create a shock-proof environment for any items you ship. At the end of the day, every item will have its own unique requirements in regard to packaging. If you ship products that are made out of glass for example, then more extensive wrapping may be required to ensure that the product is fully protected from any external damages. 

Choosing the Right Packaging

Different products may be more suited to a certain variety of packaging. Choosing the right package for your product will come with a lot of benefits, this is especially when you look at protection during the shipment process. A lot of items can melt or become damaged if there is moisture present as well. For this reason, you may want to invest in some airtight or some shock-proof packaging, as this can make a major difference. Air-tight packaging can combat issues with shelf-life, and it can also protect the product from external contaminants as well.

When to Outsource

If you run a cosmetic business, then you may want to outsource your product packaging. After all, it can be a very confusing process and deciding on the right packaging to go with can often result in a lot of trial and error. This can greatly reduce the experience that your customers want from you, and even though you may be able to eventually iron out the issues, this doesn’t mean that your customers will be happy. A lot of businesses are able to avoid issues like this by outsourcing their packaging requirements to Snappd. When you do come to us, we can offer you tailored solutions and advice, helping you to make sure that your products are sent out safely while also ensuring a high level of cost-effectiveness.

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